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Health Packages

Reliance MedLab provides a range of SMART Health Packages, powered with a SMART diagnostic service. These scientifically designed health packages teamed up with SMART Reports help you to understand the status of your health vitals,
so that you can ‘Stay Healthy to live your Dreams’.

SMART Health Pro Basic
Basic health package covering important test parameters.
Includes 62 test parameters
Report Delivery: Same Day
/ 70% OFF
MRP: 1850
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SMART Health Pro Care
SMART health package covering essential test parameters.
Includes 68 test parameters
Report Delivery: Same Day
/ 79% OFF
MRP: 4460
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SMART Health Pro Premium
Detailed health package covering advance test parameters
Includes 81 test parameters
Report Delivery: Same Day
/ 75% OFF
MRP: 8070
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Most popular

Diagnostic Tests

Choose from the range of most sought-after SMART diagnostic tests.

17 Hydroxy Corticosteroids Urine
Report Delivery: 3 working days
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17 Ketosteroids Urine
Report Delivery: 3 working days
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17 OH Progesterone
Report Delivery: 1 working day
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Reliance MedLab

SMART Advantage

Reliance MedLab provides SMART Diagnostic service to every individual to facilitate treatment,
so they can Stay Healthy to Live their Dreams.

Global Quality


With Global and National Quality Accreditations, we assure the highest quality standards.



With comprehensive quality checks and validation at every level, we assure accurate results facilitating the right diagnosis and treatment.

Highly Trained and

Responsive Staff

With highly trained and responsive staff, we assure a comfortable blood collection experience along with a quick response to your needs.

SMART Health


With scientifically designed preventive health packages, we assure to provide a holistic view of your health condition.

SMART Health


With SMART Health Report, we assure to provide a personalised, simplified, and interpretive report.

Usage Of

Standard Quality Kits

With the usage of standard quality testing Kits, we assure you the highest integrity of the samples to deliver accurate results.

Convenience Of

Home Collection

With the convenience of blood sample collection from home, we assure you the advantage of more accessible healthcare, equipped with utmost safety and hygiene.

Growing Network Of

SMART Diagnostic

With a growing network of SMART diagnostic labs in every corner of the city, we assure to make healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone.

Visit us at your nearest
SMART Reliance MedLab Centre

Our state-of-the-art Labs and Collection Centers adhere to safety and hygiene guidelines set by global and govt. bodies. So, visit a SMART Reliance MedLab center near you for a comfortable and safe sample collection journey.
For us, Customer Experience and Smart Diagnostic services come first!
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