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What Is

Corporate Wellness?

For any business to succeed, its employees must be fit and healthy. Employee health is the foundation of any business. It affects everything right from workplace performance and productivity to absenteeism.

Nowadays, we live in a fast-paced environment, where stress is inevitable. It has become a part of work-life and could affect both mental and physical well-being. It can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and even heart disease.

Most of the employees spend a significant portion of their time in the workplace, so there is a need to balance wellness goals and work-life. This is when Corporate Wellness comes into the picture that provides organizations with a competitive edge. It not only reduces the health care cost and improves employee well-being, but also helps the organization achieve its business goals.

Why Is

Corporate Wellness Important?

It’s no secret that employees are the key driving factor to an organization’s success. A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce; further, it also creates a positive work culture and fosters a favorable working environment.

By encouraging and promoting Corporate Wellness, the company can:

business performance
Reduce accidents
at work
Improve employee

So what is reliance medlab’s

SMART Corporate Wellness Program?

Reliance MedLab’s SMART Corporate Wellness Program is designed to support and provide a holistic view of employees’ health. The essence of this program is to encourage the employees to take periodic health check-ups to prevent ailments and diseases.

Being a SMART health partner, the program goes beyond the traditional corporate program, as it offers the following services;

Customised health check-ups
A comprehensive range of tests, profiles and preventive health check-ups
Easy to interpret SMART, SIMPLIFIED and DIGITAL reports
Accurate and timely diagnostics with the fastest TAT
Doorstep Sample Collection (Pathology Tests)
Highly trained and responsive staff
Safe and hygienic Labs and Collection Centers
Besides pathology tests, the packages also include non-pathology tests such as ECG, X-ray, Ultra-sound, and Stress test.
So, transform your workplace with Reliance MedLab’s Corporate Wellness Program today.
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