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How it works
Have you ever wondered what happens to your sample collected, once it is sent to the pathology laboratory?
Well, we at Reliance MedLab, ensure that the sample collected goes through a series of SMART, Safe and Hygienic processes before we deliver an accurate and timely SMART diagnostic. Let us see the amazing sample journey from the time it is collected till the SMART health report is delivered to you.
Sample Collection
A highly skilled and compassionate phlebotomist arrives and collects the sample by ensuring proper hygiene standards.
Barcoded Sample Registration
Barcoded sample registration method to avoid any error.
Accession and Distribution
The sample is then sorted and distributed to different departments.
State-Of-The-Art Technology
For Faster and Better Results
Using a highly robust and updated platform, the sample is then tested, to ensure faster and better results.
Usage Of Calibrated Machines For Accuracy
Daily calibration of machines to ensure accuracy in the testing process flow.
Maintaining Highest Quality Standards
Using globally approved kits and reagents, the highest quality standards are maintained.
High-Level Quality Checks
A comprehensive quality check is done at every level of the sample journey, to ensure accurate reports.
Validation Of Reports
The reports are then validated by highly qualified pathologists.
Lastly, the customer receives a notification about the availability of online reports. These reports are just not Digital, but SMART, Simplified, and delivered within the fastest TAT.
So, start your journey with the most trusted and reputed SMART Health Partner Today!